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Our Story

In 1736, three cottages were smashed together to make a public house; the building has been dated to pre 1580 and retains many of its original features, in fact if you look closely enough you can still see where the original cottages were.

We believe that the traditional family old-school pub is becoming a rarity in the UK. A family pub should be the hub of the community, not just somewhere to drink, but more of a community centre. As dogs are part of the family, we will always welcome well-behaved pooches into the pub.

Our team have worked hard to make the pub homely, in fact we only have a few rules by which we operate.

"If our guests aren't as comfortable here as they are in their own living room, we are failing"

"This pub will be like pubs used to be..... just better".

We hope you enjoy our refreshments - you will notice that we stock a selection of very local, very real ales, supporting local business where we can. We love live music and often have live bands, again from the local area, again supporting our community is at the heart of what we do.

In the colder months, relax and enjoy fine wines, beer and some winter warmers next to our open log fire.

When it's a little warmer, make yourself home in our considerable enclosed garden with a lighter bite or a weekend BBQ.

Above all, relax, laugh and enjoy yourself. Welcome to the Waggon and Horses.

Richard & Lisa

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